Kerala Kalari Kurup Kalari Panicker Sangam , registered under Act-2 of 1088, is an association to promote goodwill and fellowship among its members of Kalari Kurup and Kalari Panicker. Our headquarter is situated in the heart of Thrissur City. Our Sangam office also started a Charitable Trust named Santhwanam Charitable Trust in 2012 for the goodwill of all members of Malayalee Kalari Kurup Kalari Panicker community living all over India with the objectives like

To promote educational of all types and grades among the people with a view to disseminate Scientific, Technical and Cultural knowledge and to raise the standard of life and health among all sections of the people

To institute and award scholarships and grant loans for study and research for deserving students.

Providing Medical aid to the poor and needy

To promote Sanskrit and Vedic Astrology

To serve the society and to maintain communal harmony and its unity.

Brief History

Kerala Kalarikurup - Kalaripanicker Sangham (KKPS) was registered during 1954, under Reg. # 13/1954. Subsequently came into existence on December 6, 1954.
The following were the first Executive Committee members.

Shri. K.P. Kumaran Kurup, Muriyad Vadakkedathu Kalarickal, Chalakudi (President), Shri. A.V Subramanian Panicker, Avanankattu Kalari (Vice President), Shri. V.K Kumaran Kurup (Secretary), Shri. K.G Kujnunni Kurup (Asst. Secretary), Shri. C. G Raghava Panicker, Chenmarathy Kalarickal, Nettissery (Treasurer), Shri. P Balakrishnan Kurup (Member), Shri M. D Kurup, Marathakkara Kalarickal, Marathakkara (Member), Brahmashri Sadananda Swami. Triprayar Thekkedath Valluvalli Kalari (Paravur) (Member)

The KKPS originally started working in Thrissur District and subsequently expanded to Palakkad district also. During the initial period, the team worked very efficiently and submitted memorandums to the governments that resulted in inclusion of the community in OBC category. During the first Communist Government of Kerala during 1957 -1959 Kalarikurup-Kalaripanicker community was allowed total fee concession for education sector for 5 years. The fist beneficiary of this action was Late Sundaran Panicker S/o Shri Kumara Kurup, who studied for MBBS free of tution fees. But the facility was not continued for want of further perusal from the organization. We have to work on this matter vigorously after getting the old orders and study the same in detail.

There was a publication called Kalari magazine published by the KKPS as its mouthpiece. Only five issues of the magazine could be published due to various reasons. But now we have started a monthly publication called KALARI VILAKKU and is being circulated among community members. The Kalari Vilakku illustrates the activities of the KKPS and help the community members to help themselves in matrimony, death information, marriage informations etc. It also introduces astrological lessons for the students.

After the first term of the KKPS Executive Committee, the rein was handed over to K. Purushottaman Panicker, Triprayar Karathulli kalarickal as the President of KKPS. Thereafter, Shri M.S. Damoran Kurup took over the Presidentship and Shri KK Gangdharan Master had the General Secretary.

In 1983 July, Shri C.R. Balakrishnan Panicker, Chenmarathy Kalarickal, Nettisseri was elected as the President and Shri K.K. Gangadharan Panicker as the Gen. Secretary. During this period the KKPS Bylaw was amended and many activities were initiated.

In 1984, Shri C.R. Balakrishnan Panicker was again unanimously elected as the President and K.R. Vijayan was as General Secretary. Shri Natika Sukumaran panicker was as Treasurer of the Sangham. This was a golden period during the history of KKPS..

Due to some reasons known to them only, Palaghat set-up an organisation named Kalari Panicker Sangham at Palaghat in 1983. And in 1986 the sangham was got registration(133/86). Meanwhile, Gurukulam Charitable Society has been organized by few of the dissident members of KKPS. The both groups are registered with government of Kerala. Gurukulam Charitable Society died a natural death after initial enthusiasm as the their aim was not basically up liftment of the kalari Kurup-Kalari Panicker community.

From 1986 to 1988 under the leadership of Shri C.R. Balakrishnan Panicker, and Shri Ramachandran Kolazhi Kalarickal was elected as Gen. Secretary of the KKPS.

In May 2002, Shri M.S. Kunjuravunni Panicker was elected as the President again and Shri Ramchandran Kalrickal Eravakkad was elected as Gen. Secretary. Thereafter, there was a steady downfall of activities.

During the end of 2006 the General Secretary called a general meeting of the committee at Natyagraha of Sangeetha Nataka Acadamy, Thrissur to discuss the matters relating to the then conditions of KKPS. The Gen. Secretary informed the gathering that he was unable to conduct the business of the organisation as he was not being heard by the state committee or any members of the community. The organisation was, at that point of time, very dormant and no activities were on. He then informed that he was willing to resign and the resignation letter was ready. He further stated that under there was an organisation called "International Federation of kalarikurup-kalaripanicker" and all Kalarikurup Kalaripanicker organisations were welcome there. The Gen. Secretary then advised the gathering to dissolve KKPS and join that organisation. He further stated that he would not continue in the post he held so far under KKPS.

At that point of time the committee and the community members assembled there vehemently opposed the idea of dissolving the KKPS as it would amount to cheating of the whole of community. Then the members assembled there walked out the meeting. They further decided to convene a separate meeting to evaluate the conditions and find out ways and means to rejuvenate the organisation.

Thereafter, a meeting of the community members was called at Amballur during January 2007 to decide the future course of action. The meeting decided to form an adhoc committee to convene Samsthana Sammelanam of KKPS to elect new Bharana Samathi to run the organisation. Accordingly an adhoc committee was formed with Dr. Jayakrishnan (Marathakkara Kalari), Asoka Ayurveda Pharmacy, Thrissur (Chairman) and Shri. Ajithkumar Aloor, (Convener) in the lead. This committee worked wonders with overwhelming response from the community members and subsequently Samsthana Sammelanam was organized during February 2007. During this Sammelanam a new Bharana Samathi was elected with the following members.

Shri. Chandrasekharan, Kanimangalam - President, Shri. Ajithkumar - General Secretary, Shri. Geethanathan - Tresurer