Santhwanam Charitable Trust

Kalarikurup-Kalaripanicker Community, though exponents of martial art called Kalaripayattu who used to train solders (Nairs) of kingdoms all over Kerala, teachers, Astrologers Ayurvedic Physicians in olden days and socially respected community became financially backward in the present era. We are also a nuclear community in Kerala. Being a nuclear community, the Governments in power in Kerala were not giving proper attention to even legitimate needs of our people here. That shows the real case of denial of social justice. Therefore, the people suffer for want of proper attention, necessary funds for development, education and proper guidance etc.

The KKPS (Kerala Kalarikurup-Kalaripanicker Samgham, Reg. No.13/1954) therefore, decided to launch a charitable trust to become real helping hand to the needy people of the community. Santhwanam Charitable Trust was formed in view of above. It was registered with Office of the Registrar, Kallettumkara, Irinjalakuda, Thrissur Dist. The register number being 02/04/2012

The motive of the Trust is resurrection of downtrodden in the society, encourage and support- financially or otherwise- the students who are keen to study, financial help for treatment to the people who are suffering from critical illness such as Heart problems Cancer, Kidney problems etc., help the financially backward families for marriage of their daughters, interest free loans for building houses, make arrangements for self employment through micro financing etc.etc.

The Santhwanam Charitable Trust is trying to shoulder very important and heavy burden for the people. All are requested to be part of the trust by volunteering to be members of the trust. There are 3 types of memberships. (Class-A)-Rs. 10,000/-, (Class -B) Rs.5000/- and (Class-C) Rs. 1000/-. Class-A members would become natural members of Director Board. Class A & B members need to go through an election process to be members of Director Board. Both class A & B trusties would have facility to transfer their trust membership to the successors. We are also in the process to arrange funds for future programmes. Any donations from well-wishers are welcome.

Our Bank Account Details- Bank: Canara Bank, Amballur, A/C.-no. 3535 101002793, IFSC CNRB0003535. Funds may kindly be transferred to the above bank account. An open and kind hearted cooperation is solicited from well wishers. For details kindly contact: Shree. Rajan Nellai, +919447476159, Shree. Sandeep R. Kurup, Secretary- Mob. no.+91 8289815099, Shree. Gopalakrishna Panicker, Paloor Kalarickal, Treasurer-Mob. no. +91 9447243151.